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For over 20 years, The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) has offered a truly unique, language- and industry-neutral automated legacy software system modernization service for government and commercial customers, worldwide. TSRI’s automated application, database, and user interface modernization capabilities are derived from our proprietary, artificial intelligence-based, software re-engineering toolset called JANUS Studio®. TSRI's computer scientists and modernization engineers use the JANUS Studio® toolset on special purpose-built hardware at our headquarters (or deployed at a client location) to perform fully automated iterative transformation, refactoring, and documentation production tasks. This approach allows our clients to achieve maximum business value, at the lowest risk, and with the most flexibility. 

TSRI is a privately-held small business headquartered just east of Seattle in Kirkland, WA, with an office in the District of Columbia. Our staff includes scientists at the forefront of artificial intelligence based application transformation, and our facility and specialized equipment is capable of handling any legacy system modernization project (including classified work) for our clients, regardless of language, size, or complexity.

Working directly with our customers, or teaming with internationally recognized system integrators and other technology partners, TSRI has automatically modernized hundreds of major legacy systems, including applications requiring the highest standards of perfection like air traffic control systems, aircraft avionics, Department of Defense systems, financial applications, and other mission critical applications. These projects comprise a wide variety of legacy source languages, database structures, and modern target languages and platforms.

For more information about TSRI or our capabilities, please contact us directly or download our Capabilities Presentation, which covers our approach to automated application modernization.

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Our History

1980s – With origins in our CEO’s work in the Boeing Artificial Intelligence Lab, the JANUS Studio® toolset was designed by TSRI to document legacy applications and transform legacy applications to modern architectures. This language neutral formalism is the backbone of our automated legacy code modernization program, and is deployed on every project to turn legacy systems into multi-tiered architectures with highly performant modernized applications.

1990s – TSRI is formed as a company and begins work as a Y2K company, providing an artificial intelligence-based refactoring service to transform applications prior to year 2000. The foundations of JANUS Studio® are further refined and our first language transformation support is developed.

2000s – TSRI expands to include support for over 20 major legacy languages, and successfully completes code assessment, documentation, transformation, and refactoring projects in a wide range of industries. Customers include the US Air Force, US Navy, The National Endowment for the Arts, Boeing, Premera Blue Cross, and many other major organizations world wide.

2010s – Among other highlights, our CEO is awarded the prestigious Stevens Award for his work in the transformation of the Eurocat Air Traffic Management System, the mission-critical air traffic control system used by European Union countries, along with several other awards.Now supporting fully automated assessment, documentation, transformation and refactoring of legacy applications in all industries, and in all practical combinations of languages, TSRI continues to maintain a perfect track record of 100% project success. Supported by our broad range of industry and technology partners, we are continuing to develop new functionality for our automated code transformation engine like the automated transformation of the Veterans Administration's (VA) Electronic Health Records system from MUMPS into Java.

Our Services

While our automated transformation capabilities can be applied to a wide range of projects and in several ways, TSRI typically offers our solution as a service, completed via the use of our tool, JANUS Studio®.  Work is typically performed at TSRI's headquarters, in TSRI's cleared SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), at the customer's location, or in the lab of the desired integrator partner. 
TSRI’s four main services that best showcase our JANUS Studio® technology are our ability to:

  1. Ingest a software application written in a legacy language and automatically transform (not simply transliterate) it into a modern, object-oriented target language and architecture, such as C++, C#/.NET, Java, or J2EE.
  2. Automatically Refactor the transformed code to improve that code's structure, performance, and maintainability.
  3. Generate full Unified Modeling Language (UML) documentation for both the "As-Is" as well as the "To-Be" systems.
  4. Transform monolithic legacy systems into multi-tiered web-based and cloud-hosted applications, including the underlying database structure and user interfaces (with mobile and tablet accessibility) - all without altering any application functionality.


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