Board of Directors

Philip Newcomb
Philip NewcombChairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Newcomb is an internationally recognized expert in the application of artificial intelligence and formal methods of software engineering. Mr. Newcomb formulated the conceptual product framework to develop the software transformation technology and products offered by TSRI. Mr. Newcomb has over 30 years of information technology and 10 years of executive management experience.

Archie Clemens
Archie ClemensBoard Member
In 1999 Admiral Clemins retired from the United States Navy where he was Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, the world’s largest combined fleet command. Following his retirement, he is providing technical and business consulting for several major corporations and charitable organizations.
Michael Crane
Michael CraneBoard Member
Mr. Crane is Chairman of the Dulles Greenway, Trip II (Toll Road Investors Partnership II, L.P.), Chairman of Lochnau, Inc., the investment management corporation for the Bryant/Crane families and he participates as an officer and director of several companies and charitable organizations.
Cordell Green
Cordell GreenBoard Member
Dr. Green is Chairman and CEO of Kestrel Institute. He has numerous publications and awards in the field of information technology. He serves on several government and high technology boards.

Doug Hartman
Doug HartmanBoard Member
Mr. Hartman invests in and participates in the operation of a broad range of enterprises. He has direct experience in the managing of large financial institutions. He supports and participates in a number of charitable organizations.



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