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Monday, 04 April 2011 16:03

BASIC to PL/SQL - Capita Prism

Capita, a company based in England and Wales, determined that one of their important software assets called PRISM required modernization, including code transformation, platform migration, and database migration. Capita engaged TSRI, with their proven automated modernization services, to complete this project, which was finished in 2 months.

  • Customer: Capita
  • Source & Target Language: BASIC to PL/SQL
  • Lines of Code: 240,000
  • Duration:  2 months
  • Services: Transformation Blueprint®, Automated Code Transformation, Automated Refactoring, Integration and Testing Support
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Friday, 11 June 2004 15:33


The US Navy, under the auspices of the Navy E-Business office, undertook a major pilot program to assess the feasibility and business value of using commercial automated transformation software to convert legacy code into modern, object oriented, NMCI compliant code. 

  • Customer & Integrator:  Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) & US Navy
  • Source & Target Language: VAX Basic to J2EE
  • Lines of Code: 30,152
  • Duration:  5 months
  • Services: Legacy “As-Is” Documentation, Automated Refactoring, Support of System Integration, Final “To-Be” Documentation, Code Transformation
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TSRI modernized a legacy DEC BASIC V 1.4 system, using a RMS VSAM database, into fully normalized Oracle 11g relational database PL/SQL using stored procedures (SP) running on IBM P-Series with the AIX 6.1 OS.   To support the high volume transaction requirements associated with providing services for millions of shareholders of the several thousand public companies serviced by our client, TSRI made extensive optimizations during the modernization by rationalizing and normalizing the database,  generating PL/SQL access logic for the normalized DB , excising screen logic to support UI replacement, and encapsulating the derived SPs as services in a multi-tier, multi-tenant, parallel, service-oriented (SOA), cloud-based run-time architecture.

  • Customer & Integrator: Oracle
  • Source & Target Language: Dec BASIC RMS to Oracle PL/SQL
  • Lines of Code: 565,053
  • Duration:  2 months
  • Receive an In-Depth Case Study for this Project:
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