Ada to C++ - U.S. Navy Aegis ACB-08

One of the major integrators in the CANES competition contracted with TSRI to model and build application blueprints for the Aegis ACB-08 Ada and C++ software system to demonstrate the feasibility of developing a product line architecture approach for managing the software upgrade cycles as well as to reduce the cost of modernization of the Aegis software systems.

  • Customer & Integrator:  Northrop Grumman & US Navy
  • Source & Target Language: Ada to C++
  • Lines of Code: 3 Million
  • Duration:  1 month
  • Services: Application Blueprint® for the Aegis ACB-08 Ada and C++ System. Demonstrated automated conversion and consolidation of all code to a common language, from Aegis Ada code to C++. Generated Transformation Blueprint® of Ada to C++ for the Ada code in the ACB-08 baseline. Identified redundant code, duplicate code, dead code and extracted comprehensive design and architecture models.
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