ADA to C++ - Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)

General Dynamics (GDAIS) was contracted by the Naval UnderSea Warfare Center to automatically transform the Naval Undersea Warfare Center submarine Weapon Control System (WCS). The NUWC WCS is a highly classified system and required that GDAIS set up TSRI tools within a secure environment at the Bangor Naval Base (NUWC Division).  In that secure environment, TSRI staff used the JANUS Studio® toolset to transform the classified WCS ADCAP code into modern C++ code, and returned the code back to GDAIS for re-integration into the existing WCS base code.

  • Customer: General Dynamics (GDAIS) / US Navy NUWC
  • Source & Target Language: Ada to C++
  • Lines of Code: 1,783,190
  • Duration:  12 months
  • Services: Automated Code Transformation, Transformation Blueprint®, Application Blueprint®, Testing Support, Automated Refactoring
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