COBOL to C++ - Boeing WIRS

TSRI contracted to transform the Boeing WIRS System from COBOL to C++ using an automated modernization plan. This was done in 2 Phases. In Phase 1, TSRI created an Application Blueprint® modeling the existing legacy COBOL and a Transformation Blueprint® document modeling the “To-Be” C++ code in a side by side view with the legacy COBOL code.

In Phase 2, the WIRS COBOL code was transformed into modern C++ using TSRI’s JANUS Studio®. TSRI also built a Python output gateway to support transformation of the 60,000 LOC of JCL into Python.  TSRI is currently supporting testing and integration for Boeing.

  • Customer: Boeing
  • Source & Target Language: COBOL to C++
  • Lines of Code: 1.2 Million
  • Duration: Work in Progress
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