TSRI Celebrates its First 25 Years—and Looks to the Future

By Greg Tadlock, Executive Vice President of Sales

As TSRI celebrates its first 25 years, we are excited to reflect and share how the experiences over our past quarter century are driving our organization into the future.

If you’re already familiar with TSRI, you’ll notice that we’ve updated our look, our messaging, and our mission. This was not just a simple exercise in reflection. As a learning organization, we knew we had to assess why our projects succeeded as we sought to understand the areas where we could perform better.

This hard look at the company and how we’ve evolved over time highlighted a paradox: one of the biggest advantages of working with TSRI on a software modernization effort is the reduced risk provided by our near-100-percent level of automation, but what really sets TSRI apart and has led to our success is the people. If there is a “secret to success,” this is it. Our people — in engaged partnership with clients — are why we are able to make the promise on every project that, with TSRI, you have Software Modernization Assured.


The People Make the Difference

A Core Technology Developed & Evolved by the Experts

More than two decades ago, as the potential crisis of Y2K loomed over the heads of mainframe administrators, automated modernization got a bad rap for either building solutions that brought outdated legacy code partway to the finish line, or by developing systems that introduced new runtime errors without correcting the existing ones. However, even then, TSRI’s technology stood apart. Thanks to our founder Philip Newcomb’s experience with early artificial intelligence R&D at the Boeing AI Center, TSRI was able to develop a solution that didn’t just automatically translate code into new languages, but transformed and improved it through refactoring. TSRI’s refactoring capabilities—an iterative process that automatically finds and fixes errors and dead subroutines in the original code while generating the same processes in the target language—created an additional layer of reliability that maintained code quality while increasing performance.

As TSRI grew, more industry-recognized scientists and engineers joined, working to evolve TSRI’s core technology as customer and market needs shifted. While the industry consolidated and shrunk to a handful of players, TSRI maintained a steadfast independence as its reputation grew for its true expertise, reliability, and ability to modernize without having to shut down critical systems.

Today, TSRI’s deep bench of experts guide our clients through the automated modernization process, which allows us to complete every project successfully. Our team works alongside clients before, during, and after every modernization effort. We provide thorough, up-front assessments and documentation, but also we develop and understand the organization’s desired end state to design a roadmap for successful transformation. Finally, we support and maintain the new system after the transformation is complete.

Our “Customer-First” Mentality Drives a New Vision and Direction

At TSRI, we are passionate about providing excellent service and committed to delivering immense value. We understand that our clients put their trust in us to transform the irreplaceable applications that are fundamental to their organization’s success. Our new vision statement underscores our promise to bring software applications into the future quickly, accurately, and efficiently with low risk and minimal business disruption.


Creating a world where organizations
aren't limited by technology

We take this vision seriously. As a result, TSRI has moved into a new era in the way we do business. We have shifted from an R&D-focused mindset to meet and support our clients during their modernization journey. Now our suite of offerings supports the end-to-end modernization effort.

Added Peace of Mind with Service and Maintenance

TSRI is now offering ongoing support and maintenance of modernized applications, framework libraries, and TSRI software packages. We provide the service and support related to the transformed code and framework code to help our clients maintain and modify their application after conclusion of the primary transformation project. Our license and maintenance agreements support a variety of services, including extending the transformation warranty and expanding support to cover framework library and TSRI externals code, providing facilitated access to forward engineering services, and providing ongoing updates to the application documentation as these come available.

Documentation at Your Fingertips with DocsRev™

In late 2020, we released our first product: DocsRev™. DocsRev, a “Documentation-as-a-Service” product, enables organizations to easily take advantage of JANUS Studio’s® on-demand documentation. This documentation allows users, both new and old, to quickly familiarize themselves with the structure and flow of their applications through easily navigable diagrams, hyperlinking code, and other UML artifacts and graphics.

Modernizing for Cloud Readiness

While many companies that need to modernize their systems will maintain their mainframes for the foreseeable future, others are looking to move their processes to the cloud. We have been building this area of practice over the past several years, and recently announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services to serve as a key mainframe migration specialist. Migration to the cloud is an important potential modernization path, or next step, for organizations currently considering mainframe modernization, regardless of whether they desire a cloud architecture that anticipates third-party or in-house infrastructures. TSRI is ready to support organizations to usefully engage their systems with cloud technologies and has the flexibility to target the platforms suited to the circumstances of the client and their end users.

What's Next?

Looking ahead, TSRI has big plans. TSRI is expanding its product-service framework, driving toward the creation of a fully integrated, continuous cloud modernization offering with DevSecOps functionality. This new framework establishes a “modernization permanence” model, oriented around the ongoing support required for continuous code and security deployment. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!


The company also has a newly launched brand and website to reflect our updated offerings. 


At TSRI, we are passionate about our work, and excited to support organizations in reaching a better technology reality. Please get in touch if we can support you on your software modernization journey!



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