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Seamlessly migrate valuable and critical software systems with TSRI’s Certified Engineers and Architects

As an experienced cloud migration provider, TSRI's engineers and architects get mainframe software into the cloud quickly by leveraging our automated refactoring technology. Our 99.9X% automation process transforms legacy applications to cloud-native applications that natively integrate into Microsoft Azure’s DevOps processes.

Transform your legacy system from any of more than 35 languages, including COBOL, Fortran, PL/1, MUMPS, and JCL into modern applications in cloud-native target architectures.

TSRI's Migration to the Azure Cloud

Following a legacy mainframe transformation, TSRI moves the modernized applications to Azure using cloud-specific refactorings such as targeting services, microservices, and containerization. Our migration services take a three-step approach:


Migrate legacy monolithic code to a service-oriented environment

This includes updating language from COBOL to C# and Java or JavaScript, changing databases, and enabling microservices. At this step of the process, the migration would also begin to abstract underlying services from the application.

Integrate service-oriented applications with native cloud services

This could include reorienting code from legacy platforms such as DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server and C# or Java. Upgrading to incorporate the latest native architectural interfaces ensures that applications will tightly integrate with the new environment as well as simplify future updates.


Transform native cloud to Docker. Deploy via Kubernetes containers

The movement to containers provides additional architectural abstraction and improved integration of applications within the cloud. Configure your own deployment-specific setup.

Seamless Migrations

Azure Sample Target Stacks

TSRI has modernized multiple software applications directly to the Azure cloud. Look below to see a modernized example target stack shown where we refactored the application to utilize an MVC-style architecture, introduced a RESTful layer, then modularized and containerized the application itself. TSRI can easily adapt this example to fit your requirements.

Azure Cloud Technology Stack

Azure Cloud Technology Stack

Azure Java Cloud Technology Stack

Azure Java Cloud Technology Stack

Microsoft Azure Reference Architecture

This sample architecture diagram shows an example of some of the modernizations TSRI has undertaken to migrate to Azure.
DAO injection supports data servers
Redis caching addresses roundtripping data access and scalability
REST Endpoints expose online programs for legacy CICS interfaces/data
VM instances tightly integrate with Azure security and MGT instance injection, .NET core, Azure files, Logic apps, and blob storage
REST endpoints expose batch-to-Python client jobs, XML, and ETF files

Microsoft Azure Online Cloud Architecture


Microsoft Azure Batch Cloud Architecture


TSRI Supports the DevSecOps Pipeline on Azure Cloud

DevOps automation supports multiple development teams and continuous release cycles. TSRI provides native integrations to these Azure services.

Microsoft Azure DevSecOps Pipeline Integration

DevSecOps pipeline demo

Microsoft Azure Integration

DevSecOps pipeline demo

Multi-Tier Distributed Architecture

Migration from a monolithic mainframe architecture and environment to a multi-tier, distributed architecture environment can expose performance issues at the I/O. TSRI's refactoring capabilities remediate within high-performance modern environments but also leverage capabilities such as the REDIS cache addressing roundtripping data access and scalability.
Multi-tier layers

Case Studies & Featured Projects

Learn more about our featured projects through our case studies! In our detailed case studies we discuss the project history, challenges, new developments, refactoring efforts and the final result of the project.

We frequently update and add more case studies to this list with each successfully completed project.

Why Choose the Azure Cloud?

All cloud providers have strengths that best serve each architecture and application. TSRI works with all of our clients before we begin to tune our JANUS Studio® transformation engine or refactor a single line to determine which cloud instance works best for them. That’s software modernization assured.