Embedded Systems Modernization

As pioneers and thought leaders in automated software modernization, TSRI offers the deep expertise of our engineering team combined with the power of JANUS Studio® to deliver industry-leading capabilities in embedded systems modernization.
Air Traffic Management Systems
Commercial Aviation Systems
Railway Transportation Information Systems
Communication and Navigation Satellites and Receivers
Commercial Shipboard Control Systems
Data Communications
Commercial Rockets
Military Applications

TSRI’s JANUS Studio® toolset modernizes your Ada applications to C++ or Java rapidly, cost-effectively, and with high accuracy.

Automation levels above 99% enable your developers to add new code and change existing code that seamlessly integrates into your modernization program at any time.

Model-based and rule-driven technology enables pattern-based changes to rapidly be applied across your entire code base.

Experience Matters

Our extensive experience in modernizing embedded Ada, Jovial and FORTRAN systems into C++ or Java can best be seen by systems currently in production around the world.

Topsky Air Traffic Control (ATC) System

AN/FPS-108 Cobra Dane Radar Installation 

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Weapons Control System 

P-3C Orion Aircraft Acoustic Signal Processor System 

Korean Airforce F-16 (KF-16) 

Automated Modernization

Our extensive experience in modernizing embedded Ada, Jovial and FORTRAN systems into C++ or Java can best be seen by systems that are in production around the world.


Accelerated time to market

Automated modernization with JANUS Studio® typically takes less than 20% of the time required to manually recode, rapidly moving software into test and preserving valuable time for your team to focus on integration with new hardware.


Order-of-magnitude budget savings

Reducing labor costs using technology to perform code modernization is only part of the story. Extremely low error rates vs. manually recoding reduces fault-isolation effort. In addition, automated conversion of Ada unit tests further reduces time and effort in system testing.


Risk Reduction

The maintainability benefits of converting to modern software language are well understood. Modernization with JANUS Studio® enables application security testing using the latest tools and security frameworks. It also helps to eliminate dependencies on proprietary compilers and operating systems.

TSRI Advantages

Enhance System Insight

Automated documentation enables system designers, engineers, and developers to rapidly understand the structure, composition, form, and function of complex systems, providing the insights you need to rapidly, accurately, and confidently evolve your systems.

Reduce Technical Debt

Automated and semi-automated refactoring, which consolidates identical classes and functions while removing unused code and function parameters, eliminates unnecessary technical debt that can build up over years of changes to the original system design.

Modernize at Scale

JANUS Studio® transformation and refactoring rules are both standard and highly customizable for a wide range of situation types found in legacy systems and are completely reusable across multiple systems or modules within larger systems.

Eliminate Ongoing License Fees

Modernization with JANUS Studio® to Java or C++ is offered on a project basis, eliminating any unwanted costs from recurring runtime, compiler, or other license fees.

Achieve Critical Quality Standards

JANUS Studio® addresses requirements for conversion of aerospace, automotive, navigation, and other safety critical systems, producing modernized code that meets DO-178C, DO-278B, MISRA, ISO 26262, and other quality standards.

Control Your Journey

TSRI’s self-service licensing option allows customer engineering teams to operate JANUS Studio® within their own environments, enabling greater control over modernization programs.

Benefits of Modernization

  • Capitalize on lower cost, smaller footprint, and better performance of modern hardware
  • Realize power savings and performance improvements of ARM and Xilinx processors
  • Take advantage of capabilities of modern integrated development environments
  • Reduce ongoing operations and maintenance costs
  • Achieve faster innovation cycles

Embedded Systems Case Studies

For over 25 years, TSRI has focused on modernizing the world's most critical technologies. From air-traffic control systems to mission-critical military applications, TSRI has successfully completed more than 250 referenceable projects. We are pleased to bring our experience to embedded systems migrations.