TSRI & Salient’s Work with HUD is the “Playbook” for Future Government Modernization



Fueled by the pandemic, software modernization for government agencies has been deemed a high priority with funds allocated to support government entities in their efforts.

Maria Roat, the Deputy Federal Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, was quoted in a Federal News Network article this week about the long-term benefits of modernization work done by TSRI and Salient.

As the article stated:


“HUD mainframe modernization, there’s a playbook coming out of that. So other agencies, they’re going through their mainframe modernization, they can take lessons learned from HUD and apply that,” [Roat] said. “As we as we look to scale and accelerate the board, there’s a lot of things that we’ve already done over the last three years, as we’ve matured, that we can apply to the future funding.”

The maturity that Roat talks about has soared during the pandemic when all of the non-IT leaders realized the importance of online services, applications and systems.

Roat said the TMF is not a CIO program—it’s for CXOs who want to “drive the success of the program.”

TSRI is proud to have been a key partner in this project, and we look forward to helping more government agencies bring their applications into the modern age!





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