AT&T UPS-EMS System - IBM COBOL to Java Modernization on AWS

AT&T engaged with TSRI to complete modernization of their legacy COBOL & CICS based UPS-EMS System to Java. To achieve AT&T’s goals, TSRI’s tuned its JANUS Studio® transformation engine to parse and transform the z/OS COBOL application. TSRI's engineers employed their 99.987% automated modernization solutions to transform all 409,568 lines of IBM z/OS COBOL to Java in just 4 months. TSRI transformed, documented, refactored, and rearchitected all code for deployment on AWS. The application is running in production and deployed on the AWS cloud with a modern multi-tier architecture.

Customer: AT&T

Source & Target Language: IBM COBOL to Java on AWS

Lines of Code: 409,568 

Duration:  4 Months

Services: Automated Code Transformation, Automated Refactoring, Integration and Testing Support, SonarQube Quality Refactoring, Code-Specific Adaptation, Transformation "To-Be" Blueprint®, Application "As-Is" Blueprint®