Video: Effectively Leveraging Today's Modernization Solutions for the Cloud



Learn tips to navigate the process in this presentation by TSRI’s VP of Product Development and Service Delivery, Scott Pickett.  


Originally aired live on May 18, 2021.

Modernizing for the Future: Effectively Leveraging Today’s Modernization Solutions for the Cloud 

Modernization efforts today that target cloud technologies require an understanding of the new environment up-front in the process. With a landscape of constantly evolving technology options, organizations looking to modernize their code, databases and UI, and move to the cloud are confronted with many considerations. The options are daunting, and the path to successful execution is not always clear. 

Key Takeaways: 

Gain important insights to successfully move beyond language modernization and support best practices for deployment in a cloud environment. 

Learn about common benefits, challenges, and pitfalls in cloud migration and modernization. 

Dive into the specifics associated with modernizing COBOL programs and the tools, services, and tech stacks required to support them in a modern environment. 


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