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Accelerate innovation with DocsRev® documentation-as-a-service for fast, up-to-date code insights and displays. Now your staff can access deeper understanding of legacy application code for more efficient maintenance, greater productivity, and lower costs.

 Driven by TSRI’s JANUS Studio®, DocsRev® makes the expense, time, and lost opportunities of outdated COBOL documentation disappear.


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To Optimize the System, Understand the Code.

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Get more value
from your code

Cut 95% of the time to a deeper and more current understanding of even the most arcane legacy systems.

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Automatically update documentation

Accelerate time-to-innovation by skipping the time and expense of manual documentation.

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Cost-effectively manage
your documentation

Save 30% on operation and maintenance costs through documentation-as-a-service.

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Be more prepared
to advance

Lay more solid foundations for migration, redevelopment, and innovations.

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Simplicity, Security, Speed, and Savings

The DocsRev® Documentation-as-a-Service platform is easy and secure. Once code is completely modeled, the DocsRev® blueprint documentation is published on a secure Amazon Web Services instance or on your own AWS instance, and is accessible by your developers via password protected encryption. DocsRev® is built on JANUS Studio® the same technology used by TSRI to survey and document code in over 35 languages on over 250 projects since 1995. Now DocsRev® has the capabilities to keep COBOL documentation constantly and automatically updated with more languages coming soon.

Uncover the Hidden Potential
of Your Legacy Code.

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DocsRev® Features

  • Complete application modeling

  • Easy to use and easy to understand

  • Automated error-free production

  • Comprehensive, searchable application documentation

  • Documents code structure & flow, data flow, complexity, and similarity

  • Fast always-accessible Documentation

  • Cost-effective Documentation-as-a-Service pricing model

  • Many programming languages supported

  • Stay current by periodically refreshing documentation

  • Maintain control and access with user management for teams and stakeholders