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Kirkland, WA. (April 20, 2012) – The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) will announce and demonstrate their Transformation Blueprint® technology at the upcoming 24th Annual Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC) 2012, which scheduled for 23-26th, 2012 at the Marriott Downtown, Salt Lake City, Utah.

"TSRI Features its Unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) Base Software Modeling Services at the 24th Annual Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC) 2012"

Senior staff of TSRI will be on hand throughout the conference to answer questions and provide in-depth demonstrations of legacy system modernization via and TSRI’s award winning JANUS Studio® technology, which generates your entire system’s modernized “To-Be” code and design for side-by-side visual inspection with the original legacy application’s “As-Is” code.

At a fraction of the cost of all alternatives, TSRI combines unprecedented automation with an agile, reliable, iterative and customizable process to achieve the highest quality modernized object-oriented code, design and architecture.  While more than 70% of all major IT projects fail, TSRI boasts a remarkable 100% success rate with a track record of more than 100 modernization projects that includes modernization of life-critical systems such as the European Air Traffic Control System and the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System.

At the SSTC, TSRI will demonstrate its groundbreaking Transformation Blueprint®. Building upon TSRI’s multi-faceted JANUS Studio® toolset, which is traditionally used during application portfolio modernization, the Transformation Blueprint® is a hyper-linked web document that allows navigation of the entire modernized application using software quality indices to guide empirical comparison with the legacy application. A free Transformation Blueprint® preview of your actual legacy application is available for qualified organizations.  Please contact TSRI for details on how to receive your free preview.

To find out more information about the Systems and Software Technology Conference (SSTC), please visit www.sstc-online.org.

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