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Wednesday, 03 July 2024 23:08

TSRI Sponsors 2024 AFCEA Montgomery IT Summit

TSRI Sponsors Annual AFCEA IT Summit, in Montgomery Alabama

TSRI proudly sponsored the 2024 Montgomery IT Summit (MITS) hosted by the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association International (AFCEA), Montgomery Chapter. This annual event brings together government and industry leaders to discuss the Air Force’s technology initiatives, insights into their strategic roadmap, and potential collaboration opportunities.

Supporting Education Through Charity

TSRI continued our yearly support of the Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Education Foundation by sponsoring the annual charity golf tournament, which raises funds to integrate IT education into local classrooms. This event generates over $120,000 annually to support educational programming and equipment, promote students' interest in IT careers, and recognize hardworking teachers and students through scholarships, grants, and awards across Alabama’s River Region.

Building Connections on the Green

The charity golf tournament and that morning’s President’s Breakfast provided an excellent setting for our team to build new connections and reinforce existing ones with our Air Force customers and partners. Brad Charleson, TSRI’s Principal Account Executive, highlighted the intangible value of these events, where casual conversations can lead to significant collaboration opportunities down the road. In this intimate and casual environment we shared some of our past performance on successful DoD projects, many of which the Air Force attendees recognized, and learned about other critical applications currently in need of modernization. 

AI Conversations at the Summit

This year’s Summit, themed “GenAI Transformation at High-Velocity,” focused on the impact of Generative AI (GenAI) on the business landscape. The Air Force is actively and rapidly adopting AI technologies to enhance productivity, including chatbots and code-writing tools. As is the new norm, TSRI utilizes GenAI in day-to-day activities to gain efficiency. We leverage new AI technologies in concert with our Formal Methods AI-based, rules- and pattern-driven technology, JANUS® Studio, to enhance our comprehensive modernization and documentation solutions. One of the most critical aspects of adopting AI successfully is defining responsible usage and implementation protocol, a point the Air Force stressed in their presentations at the conference. 

Sharing Insights and Innovations

At MITS, TSRI engaged in discussions about business, mission, and IT automation, sharing insights on leveraging automation throughout the software modernization journey. Conversations with partners and USAF customers provided valuable feedback on our approach, emphasizing our  comprehensive planning, diligent expectation setting, and support for post-modernization operational excellence.

Taking Center Stage

René Wagner, Director of Business Development at TSRI, had the pleasure of introducing the Automation Panel again this year. The USAF has long been dedicated to workflow and workload automation, and this year’s panel covered everything from Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), ETL automation, process mining, and no-code and low-code automation solutions. This panel addressed vital questions about leveraging these forms of automation in business and technical processes, exploring familiar and innovative tools and methodologies, including auxiliary AI tools like chatbots to enhance current automation methodologies. 

Reflecting on MITS 2024 and Past AFCEA Events

Looking back at our long history of attending and sponsoring (over 45) AFCEA events, TSRI consistently finds these experiences invaluable for understanding and supporting the USAF's mission-critical objectives. Each event offers a unique opportunity to engage with critical stakeholders, foster innovation, and strengthen our commitment to serving the United States Air Force.

MITS 2024 was another tremendous conference, providing valuable insights and actionable strategies on Generative AI and automation when individual workers and teams need it most. The event reinforced the importance of collaboration and ongoing dialogue in driving technological advancements. As always, TSRI extends heartfelt thanks to the Air Force and AFCEA for hosting a transformative event and we look forward to the continued partnership.

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