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Wednesday, 10 July 2024 22:18

New Intelligence, New Value, New Skills — #GartnerAPPS

A Premier IT Innovation Event 

The Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit (AIBSS) is an event hosted for enterprise leaders and IT teams. Analysts and sponsors showcase solutions and presentations tailored to every level, from C-suite to Engineer. This year's theme, "New Intelligence, New Value, New Skills," encapsulates this time of technological disruption, advancement, and expectation.

TSRI embodies this theme in many ways, but with a few important caveats. With legacy application modernization, you keep what's good from the existing business intelligence, add to the existing value by readying the system for innovation in modern languages, and enable companies to bring on new IT skills while retaining the skills of the SMEs through documentation and strategic operational change management. You end up clearing away the debt, enabling innovation, and future-proofing your organizational IT.

TSRI Presents: Modernizing Legacy Tech for the Cloud Era with Automation

The TSRI team showcased these capabilities with a speaking session on the Exhibit Showcase Theater stage. Scott K Pickett, TSRI's Vice President of Service and Product Delivery, delivered a compelling presentation titled "Modernizing Legacy Tech for the Cloud Era with Automation." The session was very well attended, with decision-makers from every industry represented at the event, showing how organizations in every industry are fighting this battle.