TSRI Fully Automated MUMPS Language Transformation


If you've ever seen the MUMPS language (used by many healthcare applications in the federal government), it's not the easiest language to understand. One of my colleagues describes it as looking like "a cat walked across the keyboard". Modules are represented by numbers, so "laboratory" might be 332 and "x-ray" might be 497. That's only the beginning.

TSRI's fully automated documentation, transformation, and refactoring technology has been adopted to achieve cross compiler status with the MUMPS language. As a result, we can take in any MUMPS code, and generate with the push of a button, modern object-oriented, uniform Java code. The modernized Java code can be refactored to dramatically improve readability and performance, and can then be deployed as a modernized, cloud-based application. 

This technology includes the transformation and refactoring of both the open source jVista applications from the VA and the Military Health Systems, into a single highly performant cloud-based EHR called UIEHR. Already in test deployment, this system includes an iPad frontend developed by Ohum.

If you are operating a silo'd EHR written in MUMPS, TSRI would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate this technology, which can enable you to transition to a hybrid cloud environment, and take advantage of the advanced architectural features of the cloud and IoT. Please feel free to reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 425-284-2770 with questions.

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