2002 - USAF - Support F-16 Display



"The U.S. Air Force Selects The Software Revolution, Inc. To Support F-16 Display System Modernization"

Kirkland, WA. (february 11, 2002) – The U.S. Air Force has awarded a contract to The Software Revolution, Inc. to begin the modernization process of the F-16 fighter jet's DECIS Up Front Display System. The planned Pilot Program, funded under the auspices of the Computer Resources Support Improvement Program (CRSIP) Office, will further demonstrate The Software Revolution, Inc.'s capabilities to address real-time operational system transformation.

Greg Tadlock, The Software Revolution, Inc.'s Vice President of Sales & Marketing said, "This contract award is an opportunity for The Software Revolution, Inc. not only to support the modernization of a vital national defense asset, but to become a partner with the Air Force's CRSIP Office as they pursue their new charter to modernize systems across a wide spectrum for the service."

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