2006 - Thales - ATM Expands



"Thales-ATM Expands TSRI’s Support to the European Air Traffic Control System Modernization"

Kirkland, WA. (March 23, 2006) – Thales-ATM based in Paris, France has awarded a contract to The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) for modernization of another legacy Ada component of the European Air Traffic Management System. Beyond the application of TSRI’s automated Ada to Java transformation and subsequent documentation processes, TSRI will undertake an extensive re-factoring of the modernized system to segregate the system into modules that will be available for re-use in other portions of the system during the re-engineering process.

Greg Tadlock, TSRI’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing said, “TSRI’s original contract aptly demonstrated the capabilities of our JANUS Studio®     to address 100% automated transformation of Ada to Java. After considerable follow-on investigation by Thales-ATM, we are pleased that the power of our toolset’s re-factoring capabilities has also been recognized given that those capabilities are about to be applied to the further modernization of the overall European Air Traffic Control System. With TSRI’s robust capabilities and our growing partnership with Thales-ATM, we see a bright future in an expanding international marketplace.”

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