TSRI Modernizes European ATC



"Thales Air Systems Java Flight Data Processing (JFDP) European-E Air Traffic Management (EATMS) approved for operation in late 2010."

Kirkland, WA. (October 15, 2009) – Thales Air Systems (THALES) of France awarded a ‘follow-on’ contract to The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) in April to modernize the Flight Profile Library (FPL), the core of the Java Flight Data Processor (FDP) of THALES Eurocat-E air traffic control system. Under this contract, TSRI automatically translated the FPL from Ada into Java, refactored the Java to remove dead code, refactored Ada generics into Java generics, and detected and refactored global variables to minimize their visibility as Java member data. Modernization of the FPL module completes a project spanning 4-years in which TSRI supported the modernization of three variations of Eurocat-E, comprising approximately 1.7 million lines of Ada code into real time Java. Automated code translation, code redundancy analysis and code consolidation techniques were applied to modernize the three primary variations of the Eurocat (comprising approximately 1.6 million lines of code) with unprecedented economy of scale and scope and with two to one improvement in key code quality metrics according to published case studies. The European aviation authority required automated code transformation be used to minimize introduction of human error during the modernization of the Eurocat system. The transformed Java Eurocat complies with safety requirements of Eurocontrol (ESARR6) mandates governing SoftWare Assurance Levels (SWAL assessment required for ground applications).

Thales Air Systems S.A. is a major global provider of air traffic management systems and The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) is an industry leader in automated legacy system modernization. Thales Air Systems supplies Eurocat-E as the primary air traffic control system in Europe, Asia and Australia where Eurocat is installed at 260 air traffic control centers worldwide. The JFDP air traffic control system is scheduled to commence operation at the end of 2010 at airports all across Europe and Asia. 

Philip Newcomb, The Software Revolution Chief Executive Officer said, “The Software Revolution is very proud to have played an instrumental role in the modernization of the European air traffic control system for Thales. A key to the success of this project was the use of JANUS Studio®    for automated transformation, refactoring and creation of the Transformation Blueprint ® to document the products and process. I believe the FAA could dramatically reduce costs as well as its 15-year schedule for the NextGen air traffic control system upgrade through the use of similar methods to those the Europeans have employed to modernize the European air traffic control system.”

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