Minimize Risk and Save Time 

 Drawing on 25 years of success, our proven, automated approach decreases risk and
errors and makes it possible to accomplish in months what would take years otherwise.


We don't just transliterate code. We transform it into a modern, native, object-oriented target language such as C++, C#, Java, or J2EE, running on Linux, Unix, Windows and any other any real-time target architecture.


Our automated code refactoring improves code structure, performance, and maintainability post-conversion.


Monolithic applications and databases are transformed into multi-tiered, modular, and cloud-enabled applications ready for your modern architecture of choice.


Up-front assessment and code documentation pave the way for smooth modernization.


Generate full UML documentation for both the "As-Is" (source application) as well as the "To-Be" (transformed modern application) systems.

Your Modernization Project & Phases at a Glance


PHASE 1: The Pre-Project Phase

The first step toward your modernization begins here. Whether you’re undergoing a discovery process, or your organization has already identified that modernization is the way to go—this no-risk, no-obligation phase gives you the building blocks that will help you plan your modernization path.

PHASE 2: Application & Modernization Assessment

In this first true phase of a modernization, TSRI's generates a code-level Application Blueprint® and Transformation Blueprint® documentation, which gives your developers the ability to easily understand what your systems look like today and to understand, maintain, and develop your modernized applications tomorrow.

PHASE 3: Automated Code Transformation

This is where the modernization takes place! In this phase, TSRI uses nearly 100 percent automation to transform the legacy application code into the platform-specific target code while coupling the generated code to the target database.

PHASE 4: Refactoring & Round Tripping

TSRI’s refactoring technology automatically reengineers your modernized application to improve its design, architecture, and maintainability plus enhances overall system performance.

PHASE 5: Final Iteration

This new baseline takes one last transformation, refactoring, and regression testing pass through JANUS Studio®, which generates a final detailed Transformation Blueprint® for delivery to the client. Many organizations use this documentation to onboard new developers, assist with maintenance, and support knowledge transfer. During this final iteration, TSRI can also provide full support while transitioning the system into production.