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Friday, 09 July 2021 10:42

Get Started with Your Modernization!

Highlights on “Setting Project Scope” and “Setting Up Development Sandboxes”

TSRI is thrilled to present highlights from Modernizing for the Future, our cloud webinar featuring Scott Pickett, our Vice President of Product Development and Service Delivery. In these first two segments, Scott helps your organization get the mainframe modernization process started.

The first segment, “Setting Project Scope,” helps your organization understand their existing baselines, setting realistic expectations and accomplishments for your migration, and planning your target environment.

In this second segment, “Setting Up Development Sandboxes,” Scott discusses your organization’s development sandbox and why setting up an experimental environment will be critical to the success of your automated modernization. Your sandbox will help validate your target environment as well as understand any complexities in languages, architectures, or databases.


Be sure to check out the remaining videos in this series as well:


As always, TSRI can help answer any questions you may have about automated modernization, and making sure your systems are ready to deploy in modern computing environments.


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