TSRI Process: Phase 1


The first step toward your modernization begins here. Whether you’re undergoing a discovery process, or your organization has already identified that modernization is the way to go—this no-risk, no-obligation phase gives you the building blocks that will help you plan your modernization path.

As your organization embarks upon this pre-project planning phase to modernize your applications and architecture, TSRI will model your application(s), generate preview versions of an Application Blueprint®, which shows a high-level documentation of your current system, and a preliminary, first pass transformation of your code and display it in a Transformation Blueprint® that shows an initial cut of what your modernized system can look like.

Next, during the technical project review, TSRI engineers will guide you through the steps of an end-to-end modernization and the best way to approach the project based on your specific needs and requirements. They will share their experience on managing risk, challenges, possible limitations of different approaches to modernization, and assist with planning your organization’s modernization strategy.

We see this first planning phase as one of the key steps to achieve a truly successful modernization effort.