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"New Senior Analyst"

Kirkland, WA. (May 15, 2000) – The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI), a world-class provider of assessment, transformation, re-factoring and web-enablement software services for legacy systems, today announced the appointment of Luong Nguyen as Senior Analyst. This appointment reflects the growth in demand for TSRI’s software suite to minister legacy system upgrades.

Luong Nguyen as new Senior Analyst

Luong Nguyen brings to TSRI more than four years of simulation software modeling experience, with a very strong background in C/C++, Fortran, Java, HTML, Unix, and ClearCase administration. Prior to TSRI, Mr. Nguyen was a Senior Specialist Engineer for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program at Boeing. While working on this project, Mr. Nguyen integrated a six degrees-of-freedom flying qualities simulation for the JSF, developed and maintained subsystems simulation software models using C and Fortran, and set up a ClearCase configuration-management environment for simulation development. Prior to the JSF Program, Mr. Nguyen was a Specialist Engineer for the Integrated Systems Lab at Boeing. Mr. Nguyen was responsible for the 777 Autopilot and Mode Control Panel simulation software models, correlate flight test data with simulation data for FAA certifications efforts, and test and debug autopilot control logic and subsystems interface.

With Luong Nguyen’s strong background in C/C++, Fortran, Java, HTML, and Unix coupled with simulation software modeling, TSRI is looking toward a significant growth of products and services sales.

The Software Revolution, Inc.

The Software Revolution, Inc., established in 1995, specializes in the modernization of legacy system software. Employing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based technologies, The Software Revolution, Inc. has developed the capability to assess, transform, re-factor, and web-enable, a variety of different software source languages, along with system databases.

Employing a highly automated, low risk, cost-effective approach, The Software Revolution, Inc. can transform COBOL, C, Fortran, Mumps, Ada, and CMS2 into modern, platform-independent C++, JAVA, or XML with CORBA compatibility.

eVolution 2000™ toolset

The foundation of TSRI's capabilities is the eVolution 2000™ tool-set. Enjoying the benefit of over 100 man-years of development effort and nearly $20 million in corporate and private investment funding, the eVolution 2000™ tool-set addresses each of the major steps of the legacy system modernization process at near perfect levels of automation.

Beyond the ability to address the standard suite of legacy software languages, the eVolution 2000™ tool-set also has the flexibility to address most other legacy software languages, needing only 8 to 12 weeks of automated processes modification to accept the new source language.

Using the eVolution 2000™ tool-set, The Software Revolution, Inc. can help customers enter the modern computing world quickly and far less expensively than using currently available manual or semi-automated approaches.
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