2002 - Dr. Cordell Green Joins TSRI



"Dr. Cordell Green Joins the Board of The Software Revolution, Inc."

Kirkland, WA. (August 6, 2002) – The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI), a world-class provider of automated software modernization services for legacy systems, today announced that the company is fortunate to have elected Dr. Cordell Green to the Board of Directors. Dr. Green is the latest addition to the strong and experienced team overseeing the operations of TSRI.

Dr. Green is Chairman and CEO of Kestrel Institute, which he founded in 1981. Dr. Green developed the foundation theory for Logic Programming, which also formed the foundation for the Deductive Data Base field, as well as many formal, inference-based AI and planning systems. He has made several contributions to the field of program synthesis, including a paper that provided the basis for the Refine language, and a paper providing the basis for automated synthesis of software visualization.

Dr. Green's research interests center in the area of knowledge-based tools for software engineering. He has worked on systems that help to automate acquisition, analysis, and synthesis of software. His recent interests have been in automated algorithm design, synthesis of visual representations of software, and the role of automated design in software engineering.

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