TSRI enables technology readiness for the cloud and other modern architecture environments. We bring software applications into the future quickly, accurately, and efficiently with low-risk and minimal business disruption.

Architecture-Driven Application Modernization & Refactoring

Drawing on 25 years of success, our proven, automated approach (99.9X%) decreases risk and errors and makes it possible to accomplish in months what would otherwise take years.

Through technical ingenuity, dedication, and collaboration, we automate the modernization of high-value software, advancing organizations into a better business and technology reality.

AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Partner
Mainframe & Thick-Client modernization to MVC Thin-Client on Azure
Legacy Modernization to a Cloud-agnostic On-Prem or Hybrid-Cloud utilzing OpenShift/OpenStack
Our cloud-agnostic modernization can be adapted to other cloud technologies.

Effectively Modernize Your Technology for the Cloud

Migrate directly to the cloud with our reusable process and scalable solution. All transformation and refactoring rules can be reused across your legacy portfolio.

We target APIs, ESBs, frameworks and native cloud services while generating a containerized and modern modularized application with micro-services.

Conversion & RefactoringFeedback-Driven Flexible Solution99.9X% AutomationCode-Level DocumentationQuality & Performance Refactoring35+ LanguagesUI & Database ModernizationProvenReferenceable250+ Successful Projects25+ Years Experience