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Wednesday, 30 March 2022 13:43

PL/1 & JCL to C# - KMD e-Boks

Originally developed by Denmark-based KMD in 2001 as a mainframe software application, the e-Boks system became more difficult and costly to maintain over time. The original platform also lacked the agility to expand to additional countries at scale and was not agile enough to expeditiously react to business changes. TSRI and KMD were able to modernize the e-Boks application from its original IBM PL/1 legacy code in a monolithic architecture to a modern, multi-tier application in a modern computing environment, running .NET, with no impact on the business and end-user experience. As a result, e-Boks has the potential to save more than 50-60 percent per year in operations and maintenance costs.

Customer: KMD and The Government of Denmark

Source & Target Language: PL/1 & JCL to C#

Lines of Code: 974,201 (781,893 - PL/1 and 192,308 - JCL)

Duration:  6 Months

Services: Transformation Blueprint®, Automated Code Transformation, Automated Refactoring, Integration and Testing Support



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Friday, 30 April 2021 11:21

COBOL to C# - Retail Client

A $39 billion clothing retailer with 4,300 stores worldwide sought to modernize its suite of mainframe COBOL supply chain applications. These applications supported the client’s unique business process, which provided them with a major competitive advantage and fueled years of unprecedented growth. Today, the clients business logic was preserved and their services are hosted on Azure with data integration directly through service bus queues and scheduling handled via Logic Apps.

Customer:  Retail Client

Source & Target Language: COBOL to C#

Lines of Code: 86,000

Duration:  3 months

Services: Code Transformation, Automated Refactoring, Testing and Implementation Support, Transformation Blueprint®



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Tuesday, 15 September 2009 13:54

2004 - TSRI - Joins MMA


"TSRI Joins Microsoft's Mainframe Migration Alliance"

Kirkland, WA. (November 22, 2004) – The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) has joined the Microsoft Corporation's Mainframe Migration Alliance (MMA). The alliance is comprised of a group of companies working together to help customers migrate from their legacy mainframe computers to a Microsoft platform.

Today's mainframe users have identified five key reasons for migration:
  • High cost of operations & upgrades
  • Lack of flexibility and agility
  • Long time-to-market for new products
  • Shrinking mainframe labor pool
  • Vendor roadmaps forcing tough decisions

These highly specialized alliance members are expert at addressing legacy system migration issues. Thus, the alliance will afford customers a central point where information and support is available to meet their migration needs. To learn more about the alliance and its members click here.

Greg Tadlock, TSRI's Vice President, Sales & Marketing said, "TSRI is gratified to be accepted by Microsoft as a Mainframe Migration Alliance member. TSRI's participation will ensure that migration customers realize that a proven low-cost, low-risk, and fully automated approach to legacy system migration is a viable option when the customer's system is comprised of unique and often-irreplaceable functionality. By teaming with TSRI, Microsoft and other alliance members, mainframe owners now have an exit strategy and need no longer be held captive by mainframe manufacturers."

For more information about TSRI, visit our web site or contact:

Greg Tadlock
Vice President of Sales
Phone: (425) 284-2770
Fax:     (425) 284-2785
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One of the largest Japanese Car Manufactures now uses TSRI’s modernization methods to increase efficiency in their manufacturing systems. With the help of systems integrator Comture Corporation, TSRI was able to successfully transform 120k lines of COBOL to Java, in a three-week time-period, with over 99% automation levels. 

  • Customer & Integrator: Comture Car Manufacturer
  • Source & Target Language: COBOL to Java
  • Lines of Code: 120,000
  • Duration:  1 month
  • Services: Code Transformation from Multiple Legacy Languages, Automated Refactoring, Installation and Testing Support, Transformation Blueprint®​



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