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Ever Expanding Technology

At TSRI, we are constantly expanding our technology offerings, whether it is a new language input gateway or new refactoring rules and external(s) replacements. Our technology is driven by our customers' needs, and it’s always about delivering the best outcome for their modernized future-ready systems. 

New Language Offerings

We have recently added two new source languages to the 35+ list of available transformation input gateways, enabling us to serve more customers who need modernization, refactoring, and documentation services. 

CA Ideal & CA Datacom

  • CA Ideal transformed to Java, C# .NET Core, or other modern languages
  • CA Datacom transformed to any modern relational database, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL, DB2 LUW, Microsoft SQL, and other managed database instances
  • CA Ideal Panels transformed to Angular, React, or other modern frontend framework 
  • Data view extraction and recreation in modern target


Our Performance: Most recently, we successfully transformed over 2.3 million lines of CA Ideal to Java including more than 3000 CA Ideal Panels converted to React and we migrated the CA Datacom database to Oracle all achieving a 99.999% level of automation.

The Advantage: TSRI offers a direct transformation from CA Ideal to the target language; other automated modernization solutions must first translate into bloated generated COBOL and then convert that to CA Ideal, which adds time and potentially introduces risk and quality loss. Because we have built a language-neutral model, we can also transform combinations of languages in a system. We always transform 100% of the code including JCLs, CICS, and whatever else is found under the hood. In this project, we also transformed all the JCLs to Python, and over 2 million lines of COBOL to Java. 

Honeywell Bull COBOL

  • Honeywell Bull COBOL transformed to Java, C# .NET Core, or other modern languages
  • Honeywell Bull screens transformed to Angular, React, or other modern frontend framework
  • Honeywell Bull JCL running on GCOS transformed into Python


TSRI Performance: We recently transformed over 2 million lines of Honeywell Bull COBOL and Honeywell Bull JCL running on GCOS, including 304 Bull screens, to C# .Net Core, using very high levels of automation at 99.9X% and achieving high SonarQube scores.

The TSRI Advantage: Every variety of COBOL has nuances that must be solved in the transformation process, and we now have a gateway for Honeywell Bull which includes the specifics of running Honeywell Bull JCL on GCOS, so there's no loss of function in any target language.

Language Neutral Means Every Language

TSRI’s language-neutral, rules—and pattern-based technology can document, transform, and refactor many varieties of COBOL while still achieving the same quality output at very high levels of automation. Our COBOL capabilities include IBM Z, HP NonStop Tandem, AS400, Honeywell Bull, and Unisys mainframes, as well as rehosted systems like Micro Focus. TSRI currently offers over 35 source and target languages for 100% guaranteed transformation. See All 35+ Languages.

According to industry research and the latest ISG Mainframe—Services and Solutions report, TSRI has the most comprehensive transformation solutions in the industry.

"TSRI has significant expertise in software engineering and AI to resolve the most complex application reengineering challenges. Its automation tool supports all source and destination languages, providing the widest technology coverage in the market."

Pedro L Bicudo Maschio, ISG Analyst and Lead Author

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Higher Quality Outcomes:

With these gateways, TSRI can apply our standard code quality, security, and architecture refactoring rules, along with additional customer-specified refactoring rules, to deliver high-quality, human-readable, and maintainable code unique to each organization’s needs.

We do not charge license fees for the TSRI framework and we provide a transformation warranty on all code transformed during the modernization and offer post-transformation SMAs (Support and Maintenance Agreements) to assist customers and integrators as they onboard new development resources, maintain their applications, and begin forward development in their modernized applications.

TSRI’s JANUS® Studio provides a truly language-neutral solution. Reach out to our sales team to discuss your modernization and technical debt reduction opportunities, from simple to complex, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A Premier IT Innovation Event 

The Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit (AIBSS) is an event hosted for enterprise leaders and IT teams. Analysts and sponsors showcase solutions and presentations tailored to every level, from C-suite to Engineer. This year's theme, "New Intelligence, New Value, New Skills," encapsulates this time of technological disruption, advancement, and expectation.

TSRI embodies this theme in many ways, but with a few important caveats. With legacy application modernization, you keep what's good from the existing business intelligence, add to the existing value by readying the system for innovation in modern languages, and enable companies to bring on new IT skills while retaining the skills of the SMEs through documentation and strategic operational change management. You end up clearing away the debt, enabling innovation, and future-proofing your organizational IT.

TSRI Presents: Modernizing Legacy Tech for the Cloud Era with Automation

The TSRI team showcased these capabilities with a speaking session on the Exhibit Showcase Theater stage. Scott K Pickett, TSRI's Vice President of Service and Product Delivery, delivered a compelling presentation titled "Modernizing Legacy Tech for the Cloud Era with Automation." The session was very well attended, with decision-makers from every industry represented at the event, showing how organizations in every industry are fighting this battle.