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Friday, 22 October 2021 10:43

COBOL to Java - Department of Homeland Security

A major integrator contracted with The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) to transform 1.8 million lines of DATACOM COBOL code and comments into Java/JEE to support the modernization assessment for a major federal timekeeping system. As a major military organization with multiple security requirements, TSRI needed to meet NAVWAR coding standards, which ensure that modernized mission-critical systems like NAVSSI will work as smoothly on its target architecture as it did on the previous mainframe architecture.

Customer: Department of Homeland Security

Source & Target Language: Cobol to Java

Lines of Code: 1,800,000

Duration:  8 months

Services: Code Transformation, Automated Refactoring, Installation and Testing Support, Remote Support for Customer Acceptance, Transformation Blueprint®



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With maintenance costs increasing for the national crime information tracking system, a significant portion of the agency's crime fighting budget was required for hiring staff with experience maintaining mainframes, non-adherence to the Common Operating Environment (COE) adding to costs, and aging technology (IBM Mainframe, DB2, CICS, CA-GEN, COBOL, Assembler, C, MQ Series, JCL) making enhancements difficult to perform, the nation crime fighting agency initiated a Legacy Migration study to assess migration from the current legacy application architecture to an open Java/JEE application architecture.

Customer:  Criminal Justice Information Services Division

Source & Target Language: Coolgen/COBOL to Java/JEE

Lines of Code: 4.3 Million

Services: Tuned JANUS Studio® to customer code, Coolgen/COBOL and C to Java/JEE Code Transformation, Coolgen/COBOL and C to Java/JEE Transformation Blueprint®


Published in Case-Studies