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Tuesday, 15 September 2009 13:54

2003 - HP World 2003 Conference


"TSRI To Participate In HP World 2003 Conference"

Kirkland, WA. (June 25, 2003) – The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) will be a major participant at the upcoming Hewlett-Packard-sponsored HP World 2003 Conference in Atlanta, GA scheduled for 12 August to 14 August 2003. Located in booths 131 and 133 of the Exhibition Hall, the senior staff of TSRI will be available throughout the week to answer questions and provide in-depth demonstrations of our automated legacy system modernization services.

For those attending this important conference, it will be an excellent opportunity for a first-hand view of TSRI's capabilities that are sweeping the industry. TSRI will be providing real-time transformation demonstrations of a variety of source languages into C++, Java, C# and Visual Basic at unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy.

As an HP e3000 Transition Partner, TSRI is fully qualified to modernize languages that need to be addressed as users transition to new HP platforms.

TSRI's modernization services have been shown to produce perfect results on the code and data of numerous commercial and military projects. Our services for legacy system modernization are changing the approach that should be taken to modernize legacy applications and their supporting data.

Link to the HP e3000 Transition Partner PDF: click here

For more information about TSRI, visit our web site or contact:

Greg Tadlock
Vice President of Sales
Phone: (425) 284-2770
Fax:     (425) 284-2785
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